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Violet GarlicSimply Garlic is now offering its garlic for sale by post within the United Kingdom.

Brian Page has been travelling ever since he quit his career in London - when still in his 20's - and became a tour guide, taking adventurers to Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Thailand and the hinterland of the old USSR. Now, at least once a month, he drives the 750 miles from Midhurst, West Sussex, to a prize-winning farm in the village of Cadours in south west France, where he buys what is claimed by many to be the very best garlic in the world.

His van loaded with the beautiful violet tresses, Brian drives directly back to Britain, where he sells his stock at food fairs and farm shops; he chooses not to supply supermarkets.

Now, for the first time Brian is offering his garlic directly to the public by post, so that everyone can continue to stock up their supply through the winter. This method of selling also means that the garlic is available to people who can't visit Brian's normal sales outlets. Brian has arranged for the garlic to be stored at an even temperature in the barns on the farm where it is grown, thus avoiding any deterioration that might occur from storage in the British climate.